There are numerous benefits to starting a video blog of your own and if you are good at what you do, if you strategize and play your cards right, your blog could be bringing in a lot of money for you every month in addition to getting you a lot of free treats too. Video blogging can bring you free vacations, free meals at expensive restaurants and various other things. Of course, there are different ways in which you can get these things and you will need to be very good at what you do in order to receive the maximum benefit from the blog that you maintain.

Vacation video blogs

One thing you can do is to video blog your entire vacation in places like Europe, Bali and other exotic locations where you will be able to earn money through views to your video. Youtube pays you a certain sum of money for every view that you get and although this is not a very big sum of money per view, it is a lot of money when you get a lot of views and the money starts to collect but again, you have to know the strategies for bringing in lots of views and attracting customers. You can blog about various things such as where to get a fancy and inexpensive tattoo in Bali to where to eat the best food in Singapore. You can do various things such as food review blogs and other things but you need to be focused and targeted so that you can bring in a lot of views.You can also potentially get free meals during your travels by explaining to the food places that you are going to review them and this will bring in more guests to the restaurant or the hotel. Many restaurants will agree.

You might even be able to get the best tattoo in Bali that provide a high standard service without having to pay a lot of money for it which is great. Your views, depending on how many you get can potentially earn you enough of money to cover the entire cost of the trip which means that you can go on free trips around the world as many bloggers do if you are creative enough and if you blogs are exciting enough. Before you begin, you will want to try and study the other video bloggers out there and get tips from them about how to be a successful blogger who earns a lot of money from it.

Starting A Video Blog Of Your Own