• Caring For Wall Hangings In Your Home

    There are different kinds of wall décor items that you could look at. While wall painting or decal applications might be tricky to get on the walls by yourself, it is easier to simply hang a piece of exotic woven material, a painting or a mural that is created by an artist. However, every piece of wall decor would need to be cared for. As wall surfaces attract dirt and dust, any décor item will become stained and dusty. You would not want the look of a room to be ruined by dirty wall hangings. For that reason, here are some tips to follow when you have wall hangings of different kinds on the walls of your home.

    How to care for woven materials?

    If you love the tapestries in Melbourne you will certainly love the look of a silken one that is woven with intricate patterns, designs and colors. These are exotic hangings that add an air of aristocracy to your room. For these reasons you might want to invest in a woven hanging in your living room. However, these items will gather dirt and need to be cleaned and maintained. You might want to hand it over to professional laundry services to keep them looking clean and vibrant over time.
    Framed hangings
    The other option to ensure that wall hangings do not require frequent care is to get them framed. If you have opted for tapestries that are small in design, get them framed with a wooden frame and with glass on top. This would help you to preserve the hanging for long and make it maintenance free for you. It would be easier to keep the frame clean rather than having to launder the hanging and opting for professional services.

    Regular dusting

    Another way to ensure that extensive cleaning is not required is to get the wall hangings dusted regularly. If you keep the loose dust off the surface of paintings or hangings you will be able to remove the need for frequent laundry services. With regular dusting and care you will be able to maintain the beauty of wall hangings for a longer time.

    Other preventative measures

    When you have precious wall hangings you need to ensure that you hang them high up so that they cannot be touched or disturbed by children or pets. If you have active children running around you need to ensure that the wall hanging do not come down or fall off suddenly. Ensuring that the wall support is sturdy is important in this case. Get yourself a frame that is light and sturdy so that you need not be worried in case the hanging falls off. With proper lighting you will be able to highlight the hanging and enhance the décor aspect of these accessories.

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  • The Baby’s First Birthday

    Having conceived and then seeing the joyous face of your little toddler, nine months later, puts you up to expect much more in the days to come. Babies grow much faster than we expect and that growth is full of milestones. The first few months pass by, with so much joy in every little family, with seeing the face of the baby every morning as you wake and bid goodnight as you sleep. One of the biggest milestones, that come by after the birth of the baby is what every mother and father looks forward to. A baby’s first birthday, is always looked forward to and the preparation that goes into is massive. Family and friends come together in making it the best and it’s a celebration, full of memories, that mark the babies, many birth milestones. Preparing for it starts in many ways and here’s some important elements, that get an extra touch.

    The theme

    A first birthday, doesn’t get away without having a specific theme and a color always. Parents go to town, when selecting themes and colors for first birthday party celebrations. Some circle it around baby’s favorite toy or all-time favorite cartoon or nursery rhyme. Everything revolves around the theme and the theme becomes the center of the whole celebration. Along with choosing the theme, colors are incorporated to go with it. Every parents tries to make it as colorful as possible, bringing in the joyous of the bright shades along with happy faces of the theme. The theme can be used to decorate, revolve games around it, party treats and take away gifts, sweet treats for the little ones and much more. It brings the whole celebration together, to the center point, making it a memory of a life time.

    The invitations

    Once the theme is figured out, many fall into the next item on the check list, which is invitations. The invitations revolve around the theme, but every parents likes to customize it. Many also just follow the theme and use the theme element to be a part of the invitation. Many greeting card distributors in Australia, have a variety of options that are ready made, with various themes that are easy to access and use it to be the invitation. This way your planning is less and makes the task quicker.

    if you are looking for something unique, customization is the best. It is becoming a trend to use babies, first pictures or the official baby shoot, that make up the first birthday invitation. It’s a unique element, showcasing the baby to the world and announcing of the first milestone, to be celebrated of the baby, with a unique card to everyone dear and near.

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  • Making Money Off Your Hobbies

    If you are one of those people who is working hard on a nine to five job but still stressing out because you don’t have enough money to survive and meet your expenses but you love drawing, baking, painting or sewing as a hobby and happen to be quite good at it, you could be sitting on a goal mind but still do not know it. See this link http://www.allartandmirrors.com.au/ for more information about picture hangers Sydney.

    Logistics and marketing your services

    If for example you are great at sewing, chances are if you look online, you will find a number of people that are desperate to have someone sew their clothes, their curtains and their other house hold basics for them. If you are a painter, you might start drawing on canvas and posting your work for sale online on Facebook groups and on your own social media accounts. There are art collectors, owners of homes and even hotels and guest houses that are looking to invest big money on a beautiful hand painted piece of work. However, you will need to start looking at portrait transfer in order to get your work to your buyer wherever they are in the world as you may not always be able to put them in a cab and take it to your buyer. The internet means, your buyer could be anywhere in the world.

    It is advisable to start small with things that you know will not cause too much in the case that you are not perfect at first. For example, instead of starting with a lady’s evening gown, start with simple things like bed sheets, curtains or even baby clothing. With artwork, you could start with commission drawing for homes. However, it is vital that when costing your work, you remember to cost in all aspects such as artwork transport, costs of all materials irrespective of how small and sufficient profit for your effort.

    Chances are, you might actually end up making a lot more money off your hobbies than you do at your boring monotonous full time job and you might eventually find that you are able to stop working completely and earn a much better living off your hobby right from your own home. There really is nothing more satisfying that being your own boss, even if that means having to work longer hours and work a lot harder for your own business. At first you will need to work very hard to market your business and bring it to a standard where people will know you and remember your brand.

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